Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and more...

Don't forget to scroll down and pause the music player before watching the video.

Well I've really fallen behind on updating our blog and it seems like so much has happened since January.

March was the highlight as you can see by the video above.

Miss Magoo was baptized!  We have been talking to her about being baptized and what it meant and she was all for it!  She did say that she wanted me there with her and so that's why I'm in the background, yet in the water with her.  

Our girl is really something! (even if I do so say myself.  :D)  You see she accepted Jesus into her heart a week after her 5th birthday back in January 2011.  Miss Magoo has such a heart for the Lord!  She talks about Him throughout her day and even makes up songs to sing to Him.  It's so darn sweet!  She will talk about Him to anyone and everyone, she has no concern or worry if she should or shouldn't be doing it.  She is happiest when she is sharing about Jesus.

I have to share what she said to me after she was baptized.  "Momma, I could feel the sin just wash away."  She truly was excited to be baptized and promised to follow Jesus for the rest of her life.

I cannot wait to see what He has in store for her life!   

Oh I have one more story to share about what Miss Magoo shared with me the other day and it just gave me the goosebumps!

She said that when Elijah was trying to wake her up, he was talking to her, but God was talking to her and it was really loud, so she couldn't hear Elijah.
I asked her, " what did God say?"  "He said to me, love for all and never stop."  

So awesome!

Michael celebrated his first Easter with us!  I think he had a fun time dying Easter eggs and looking for them as well.  I think he was surprised by the Easter basket that he and the kids received.  Honestly, he seemed a little confused by it all.  He didn't really have much to say.

My favorite thing about their baskets this year were the solid chocolate candy with Jesus inside the fish.  I just love that we are making Easter about Jesus and what He did for us other than about the Easter bunny and toys.

I even purchased a set of Resurrection Eggs that explains what happened to Jesus and why.  Each day the kids got to open an egg (after reading from a Bible verse and part of the story in the booklet provided) to see a symbol of His crucifixion and resurrection.  They really enjoyed learning about the meaning of Easter and what Jesus did for each of us!

Tomorrow we celebrate Papa's birthday and the kids are excited!  Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!  We love you with all our hearts!  xoxoxoxoxo