Monday, May 31, 2010


Raffle #1

Check out what we are raffling off!

You will get to choose which one you want!!

For every $10 donation you will get one entry.

You can also have a chance to receive additional entries by:

Posting an entry to your blog about our raffle - 1 additional entry
Change your wall status on Facebook with a link to our giveaway - 1 additional entry
If you do both - 3 additional entries

You will need to leave a comment here or on our Facebook event (click here) with a link to your blog or Facebook entry.

iPod Touch - 8 GB

Nintendo DS Lite, w/ a Bonus* Game and a Bonus* Accessory Kit

Fujifilm AX250 Silver 14MP Digital Camera Bundle, 5x Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD, HD Movie, Image Stabilization includes 4GB SDHC card, Camera Case

Raffle #2

$5 donation for each entry

Your choice of one of the following beautiful jewelry pieces made by Carole that I met at our local craft store and was so kind to donate for our raffle to help us bring our son home! If you would like to see more of her beautiful work please leave a comment or email me directly and I'll be happy to share her email address with you.

Brown Stone and Tiger's Eye

Amethyst & semi-precious stones

Don't forget to mention which raffle you want to be entered in in the comments section of the Chipin or here on our blog.

Also, if you would like to send a check instead of using our Chipin. Please leave a comment with your email address and I'll be happy to send you our address.

We will announce the winner on Monday June 28th at 10 am PT.

THANK YOU so much for wanting to help us bring our son home!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fund Raiser #3!

So let me ask...

Do you have any empty inkjet cartridges laying around?

Instead of throwing them away, how about sending them to us to recycle.

Also, what about those old cell phones that work but no longer use or want? Send them our way!

We will be sending them in to recycle and all proceeds will go towards bringing our son home!

Just email us at: and I'll send you our address.

Thanks again for your support! It doesn't go unnoticed and we are so appreciative!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A raffle coming soon

I was out this evening at our local craft store and got to talking with a gal that works there.  After a bit, we were talking about jewelry and what I was wanting to do.  

So she said she makes jewelry and would love to donate some pieces for us to raffle off.

So stayed tuned, we'll be having our first raffle starting sometime later this month.

Also, if you would like to donate anything for us to raffle to help us bring our son home, we would so appreciate it! 

Just leave a comment or email me at:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Requesting permission

Well it's official. We get to request to be this little boys family!!

So the next step is to write a letter to China asking them to please let us be his family.

Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to share his picture just yet, but I can share his initials for his Chinese name which is HJP

So I need to get crackin' on writing our letter, which for me isn't terribly hard since I get to use emotion and I'm good at being emotional. In a good way of course! :)

I'm much better at writing letters with a human touch to them instead of a business touch. Which I've had to do many times in my many years of working in the banking industry.

Besides, it should be easier the 3rd time around. Don't you think? :)

So if you could please say a prayer that when our letter does go, that we will get our pre-approval to bring our son home!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We are starting with 2 fund raisers!

This is perfect for all coffee lovers!! I mean after all who couldn't use coffee? :)

If you click here to go to our store we will receive $5 for each bag from your purchase. All of the funds will go towards helping us bring our son home!

Our next fund raiser is from our dear friends Debby and Dave.

They have an online store that sells everything from health and beauty products to home and personal care products. They even have Green products!

They are donating 100% of the proceeds to us for each sale!

Please feel free to share both of these fund raisers with your friends and family!

A 3rd adoption

We are stepping out in complete faith and following God's lead to adopt again even though we weren't quite ready to start another adoption. But this is God's timing not ours.

We would like to adopt an 11 year old boy from China who has been waiting along time (over a year now) for a family.

To say we are smitten with him is an understatement! I am trying not to fall in love with him. But I think it's too late.

We will have most of the funds as we go through the process, but still need to fund raise for the rest. Approx. $9,000.

We will have $1000 in July, but gosh it would be great if we could get started sooner so we can be his family!

A new blog

I have decided to come up with a new blog that will include all our family. I wanted a title that said it all and I think I have.

Because We Are Led...
It says exactly why we have adopted twice before and feel led to adopt again.

I chose the dandelion as it shows it being blown by the wind and following its lead. Just as we follow the lead of our One and Only.

We truly believe that this is His will for us.

I have always wanted a large family and I knew it would always be through adoption. Since many already know that I am adopted and so it makes perfect sense to have my children this way as well.

I am truly blessed with a hubby that believes the same way I do or is it vice versa? :) None-the-less, we are in agreement, on the same page, see eye-to-eye, about adoption.

He has been so great about keeping his heart open and adding to our family since he already has 3 (2 grown and 1 teenager) children of his own.

So now onto the next journey of the next adoption and I'll share more about that on another post.