Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 3rd adoption

We are stepping out in complete faith and following God's lead to adopt again even though we weren't quite ready to start another adoption. But this is God's timing not ours.

We would like to adopt an 11 year old boy from China who has been waiting along time (over a year now) for a family.

To say we are smitten with him is an understatement! I am trying not to fall in love with him. But I think it's too late.

We will have most of the funds as we go through the process, but still need to fund raise for the rest. Approx. $9,000.

We will have $1000 in July, but gosh it would be great if we could get started sooner so we can be his family!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

my hugs and prayers are so with you friend! And as soon as we are home and settled I will be sending some help your way friend!

love and hugs and excitement for you :)

Cindy said...

I am Praising God for your willingness to follow Him in your adoption journey! As the parent of an 11 year old boy from China (adopted at the age of 8), I know that the world will try to get you to focus on the difficulties which lay ahead. God wants you to focus on the treasure He is calling you to. Older boys are so hard to place, but just as much in need of the love and compassion of families. Oh how precious these little ones (and bigger ones) are! We have been so blessed in our decision to bring home our son, I know you will be too. Congratulations!
In Christ,
Cindy (from COP group)