Friday, May 27, 2011

Look what we got!!

Yep, it came today!!

Our agency has requested a Consulate Appointment of June 21st.  We will know for sure on Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) if it is confirmed.

If it is, I could be leaving as early as June 10th!  With a Gotcha Day of June 13th!

So with all the excitement of TA, we do need the rest of the funds.

So please pray it will all come in just as God has planned.  :D   We just know that God hasn't brought us this far to not let it happen now!

We are so close!

Hold on our sweet boy, Momma and sister are coming!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We wait and wait and wait

Well here we are.  

At the hardest part of the wait during the entire adoption.

Waiting for TA (Travel approval).

During this time, I struggle to keep busy, to stay focused, to concentrate on anything other than, is today the day we'll get TA!?

Of course I know it will come and in God's timing, but it's hard none-the-less.  Just knowing we are so close to going to China to bring our boy home!  

I also sit and wonder how he is doing?  We pray for Michael's health and happiness every time we pray.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at bed time.

There isn't a moment that Michael isn't on my mind.  I miss him so much!  Actually we all miss him so much! Mister, said again last night, "I sad."  "I miss Michael."

So here we wait and know that we are getting closer!  Our Article 5 was picked up on May 11th and TA may come between now and ???  We will have to wait and see.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What we have left to raise

Our Goat Milk Fundraiser has ended and we raised $71 from it.  It may not sound like much but, it's $71 more than we had yesterday and we are so very grateful for every little bit!

As we wait for our Travel Approval we are still needing to raise $5000 to help with the rest of the in-country fees, such as hotels, in China airfare, official fees, etc.

We've had a couple of more donations to our matching grant at Lifesong, so that leaves $652 that can still be matched.  Please see the right sidebar for information on our matching grant.  All donations made on our behalf through Lifesong is tax deductible.

We've added a Donate button, also on the top right hand side bar for donations through Paypal, you can also use a credit card.

We think we will have Travel Approval by the end of this month.

So please pray we will raise the rest of the funds.  If you feel led to donate to help bring our sweet boy home, we would be blessed!

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for the donations we have received so far!

God Bless!