Friday, May 27, 2011

Look what we got!!

Yep, it came today!!

Our agency has requested a Consulate Appointment of June 21st.  We will know for sure on Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) if it is confirmed.

If it is, I could be leaving as early as June 10th!  With a Gotcha Day of June 13th!

So with all the excitement of TA, we do need the rest of the funds.

So please pray it will all come in just as God has planned.  :D   We just know that God hasn't brought us this far to not let it happen now!

We are so close!

Hold on our sweet boy, Momma and sister are coming!!



Jodi said...

Yahoo! Praise God!!!! Hold on buddy!

Julie said...

Yippee!!!! Congrats!!!!

Anita said...

YIPPEEE my friend! Soooo excited. And the Lord will absolutely provide everything you need to bring Michael home! Can't wait to see you in China!