Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I've posted a couple of videos and if you are viewing this post on the blog, don't forget to scroll to the bottom and pause the music player.

Well to start, I need to back up just a little bit.  

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, One Happy Momma (not so much on this day, lol) slipped and fell on the porch as I was stepping out to go to church.  Sprained my entire left foot.  I know, crazy, huh?  Didn't go to the ER until Thanksgiving night to make sure it wasn't broken or fractured.  Thanks goodness it wasn't, but a sprain is just as painful, believe me.  The doc put me in a walking boot and used that for just over a week and now back in shoes, but if I'm on my feet for too long, it starts to hurt beyond belief.  But it's healing and even though it may be slowly, I can walk.  :D

And before we knew it, December was upon us and it has been one busy month here at our house!

We started the month off with going to cut down our Christmas Tree.  We got a GREAT deal and a beautiful tree.  Mind you, we usually put up an artificial tree, but this is Michael's first Christmas home and we wanted to share getting a tree with him.  Honestly, I don't think he realized the tree was coming into the house, until he saw Papa and Jacob bringing it in.  His face lit up and all's he could say was, "wow!"  Okay he also said, "cool!"  :D

Mind you it took another 2 weeks to get it decorated.  But it's done and the kids helped and we're all enjoying having the tree in the house and when it's lit at night, it's just so beautiful!


On Sunday, the 11th, we had our first Family church service and both Miss Magoo and Mister performed.  They looked so cute all dressed up to the nines.  :D  We just love to watch the littles do things like this, they just love church so much!


Miss Magoo has been learning all about the Christmas Story this year and she tells us the story on a regular basis.  I videoed her telling it the other night.  She really does have it down and understands exactly what it's about, Jesus' birth!  She has such a LOVE for Jesus.  She is happiest when she talks about Him throughout her day or talking to someone, to anyone else about Him.    I know He is smiling at our precious girl, ever time she mentions His name.  :D

Oh and she is so excited that she has not one, but two loose teeth!  They're right next to each other and one of them will be coming out any day now.  She is doing everything she can to loosen it up so it will come out and the tooth fairy will come and visit.  Maybe by the end of the year it will come out.  So she hopes.  :D

So these are some of the things that have kept us busy this month and Christmas is fast approaching.  Looking forward to spending time with our family and watching Michael having his first Christmas home with us.

Thanking God for sending Jesus to us!  We are blessed beyond words and oh so grateful!

Wishing all of you a wonderfully blessed Christmas!!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Blog

Well apparently my custom domain name expired and after working on this for almost a week to get it resolved, it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.

So in the meantime, I have had to go back to using

But at least the blog is back up and working again.

Now maybe I'll get posting again with some of our families activities during the Christmas season.

I am so sorry for any inconvenience.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

November and Christmas Shopping

Well here we are, November already!

A few reasons why I love November.  

1.  November is the National Adoption Awareness month.  With the actual day on Nov 19th.  This year our church is having Orphan Sunday this Sunday the 6th.  Adoption will be talked about during all 4 services and there will be a lunch and breakout sessions afterwards.

2.  Veteran's Day.  This day has become more important as we have military men and women serving to protect and to keep our country free.  Also, it has touched me personally since my husband served in the Navy for 14 1/2 years and went through two wars.  The stories he has shared, just makes me even more grateful to him and everyone else that has served.  THANK YOU to all you Veteran's!

3.  Thanksgiving.  Well that is a given.  But what am I grateful.for?  First and foremost my family!  It has been my dream to have a family and even though it came later than what I thought it would, God has seen to have blessed me with one!  For that I am THANKFUL beyond words.

4.  My step-son's birthday.  He's turning the big 18!  A milestone this year and we actually have him on his birthday this year.  So looking forward to celebrating with him.

Last but certainly not least, I love November because this month seems to be when Christmas shopping kicks into gear.  So for the last couple of years we've been able to shop with a purpose.  What does that mean exactly?

There are more and more families fundraising for their adoptions to help bring their children home.  There is some really neat stuff that are up to buy and the funds spent will go towards their adoptions!  How cool is that!  Okay I have to admit, I just bought something today from my friend Joleigh to help her bring her daughter home from Eastern Europe.  It is so cool!  She actually hand knits these hats herself.  Go check it out HERE!

So I have added a button on the right hand side bar, click on it and it will take to you a blog for the families that are fundraising.  

This year, I want to teach the kids about giving for Christmas and that is donating towards the families fundraising.  After all we are still so grateful to everyone that helped by donating to bring Michael home!

So I hope that you will stop by the blog and check it out what you can shop for and help these families too!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Summer 2011

Well I am so behind on updating our blog and what has been happening since Michael came home a little over 3 months ago.

First, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July and had a party to celebrate and actually renewed our vows and took family vows at the same park we got married at 10 years ago.  I wore the same shoes I wore on our wedding day.  They were an eyelet tennis shoe with lace ties.  :D  We even had the same gal that made our wedding cake make our cake this time.

Pastor Gary presided over our vows and it was truly magical.  Friends and family came and we just celebrated and had a wonderful day!

We celebrated the Autumn moon festival this year at the park with other families that all have adopted from China.  It was so great to meet new people and enjoy a nice summer evening enjoying a pot luck and moon cakes and even the story behind why the moon festival is celebrated.   The kidss then had a lantern parade and the moon was out and beautiful!


Then came Mister's birthday.  He turned 4 on Sept 18th, he shares the same birthday as his uncle Danny that passed away 6 years ago.  I made his Hot Wheels themed cake and just celebrated Mister.  Hard to beleive he's 4 already!

Then 2 weeks later we were celebrating Michael's birthday on Sept 30th.  We now have another teenager in the house.  He turned the big 13!  He ordered a Transformer themed cake and we went to the family movie night at church and during intermission, everyone sang Hapy Birthday to Michael.  It was great that friends were able to come and be a part of his special day!

So now we are caught up and hopefully I will do better with posting things on time.  :D
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helping 2 Families!

I belong to a new Christian Yahoo group and have posted that I make grab buttons for anyone who would like one for their blog.

Well I heard from Jennifer and she let me know that she and her husband just received PA (pre-approval) for this PRECIOUS bundle, they are going to name Elizabeth!

They are starting to fundraise, so PLEASE  stop by their blog The Race to China and see about helping to bring little Miss Elizabeth home!    Grab their button and post to your blogs too.

I know I already said this, but isn't she P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!!!


Leslie and her husband are also fundraising to bring home another child.  She has a few fundraisers started but also could use our help.

Their blog is:  Room for at Least One More

So please stop by their blog and check out what they are doing to help bring home their child!

Thanks everyone for checking out how we can all be a part of adoption in one way or another!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st day of school

Today Miss Magoo and Michael started school!

We now have a Kindergartner and a 7th grader in the house!

Where has the time gone?  I remember all too well the day we got her, at all of 16 mos old and now she's off to school without any momma or papa supervision.  Wow!

To say she was excited is an under statement.  She has been ready for a long time now.

I just know she will do great!  She is very eager to learn and she already knows things that amazes me that she does.

I can't wait to hear all about her day and what she has learned.


And then there's Michael!
I can't believe it's time for him to go to school already.

He definitely was ready to go and excited as well.  :D

I think he was a bit nervous, but once we got to school and one of the teacher's helped him, he was good to go!

I have mixed feelings about his school.  His counselor and and one of his teacher's we met, I really like!  

It is definitely different then Miss Magoo's school.  I just pray that Michael doesn't get lost or overwhelmed.  But honestly I'm sure it will all be okay.

Of course we can't forget Mister!

He is missing his sister and brother very much.

No sooner did we drop of Miss Magoo and he says, " I miss Camie."

We came home and he wandered around for a little bit and now he doing just fine.
I making sure to make him feel just as special and let him know, we are going to have momma and Elijah time.  He really seemed to like that.  :D

So now I'm here and just waiting for school to be let out and bring my chillin's home!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prayers needed for Elisyn!!

There is a family that has just very recently adopted and brought home their daughter from China.

It was posted on my Facebook wall today that sweet Elisyn is in need of our prayers.  She has a very complicated heart defect and her family got some rather disturbing news from the doctors today.

I am asking for everyone that prays to PLEASE pray without ceasing!

Please let us lift this beautiful little girl up and her family too!  Jaime is her mom's name.

I have created a grab button (right hand side bar) so for those of you that have blogs, could you please post it, so that when others visit your blogs they will see it and pray.

Thank you for praying for Elisyn!