Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new blog

I have decided to come up with a new blog that will include all our family. I wanted a title that said it all and I think I have.

Because We Are Led...
It says exactly why we have adopted twice before and feel led to adopt again.

I chose the dandelion as it shows it being blown by the wind and following its lead. Just as we follow the lead of our One and Only.

We truly believe that this is His will for us.

I have always wanted a large family and I knew it would always be through adoption. Since many already know that I am adopted and so it makes perfect sense to have my children this way as well.

I am truly blessed with a hubby that believes the same way I do or is it vice versa? :) None-the-less, we are in agreement, on the same page, see eye-to-eye, about adoption.

He has been so great about keeping his heart open and adding to our family since he already has 3 (2 grown and 1 teenager) children of his own.

So now onto the next journey of the next adoption and I'll share more about that on another post.

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