Monday, December 27, 2010

No news and waiting

Well we hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

We sure did! The littles had a blast on Christmas morning for sure!

We thought we would give a little update on our adoption and that is, there's not really much to tell.

We had our fingerprints taken on Dec 15th and we are waiting to be assigned an officer at USCIS so they can go over our paperwork that we filed with them. So we are waiting for that and then their approval. 

Once we receive approval, we can move onto the next step and that is to get everything authenticated at State level and then authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.  Once that is all done we can send our dossier to China!  Hopefully, Prayerfully it will go to China in January.

Let me tell you nothing ever moves quickly in an adoption, it's all hurry up and and then wait.  Which we are good at, since this is #3.  :)

So in the meantime, we sent a Christmas package to Michael and a letter along with a camera, so hopefully we will get some photos back and soon. :) Here's a picture of what we sent. Hope he likes it. :)

So now onto the New Year!  Wishing everyone a Happy and blessed one!


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Carrie said...

awesome news! can't wait to see your travel news. Will be praying for you!