Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Letter!

We were siting down for dinner and I can see the computer from where I sit at the table and I had the email open and from across the room I could see there was something with an attachment.

So I got up during dinner, which I don't usually do, and saw it was a letter from Michael!

Everyone was excited to know what he said, so I actually printed it out and sat back down at the dinner table and read the letter to them.  :)

I have said it before, but I will say it again, Michael has such a sweet soul.

This is EXACTLY what this momma needed tonight!  

Thanking God for giving us such a blessing, in such a simple way as a letter from our son. 

This the the "snack pack" we sent Michael for Chinese New Year

Dear Baba & Mama,
How are you? I have got the gifts which you sent me in the New Year. I love it very much.
Dear brothers and sisters I am looking forward to seeing you! I miss you very much!
I wish that I can bring you happiness!
Mom, I have eaten all your chocolates and candies. They are all sweet from the mouth to my heart!
Thank you very much !
I wish Baba, Mama very healthy.  I wish my brothers and sisters very happy!



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