Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter and photos, again!

The title of this posts says it all. 

Look at our boy!!

We are so happy to know that he is so excited about having a forever family! 

We have been asked, when do we think we may travel?  Our best guess is June.  Yes, that's right, it's coming up and quickly!

Still fundraising and keeping the faith that God WILL provide!  Even though the enemy is trying to tell us otherwise.  We'll leave that for another post.

So without further adieu.  Here's his letter we received with the photos.

Dear Baba and Mama,
I am so happy to get the gift of study machine from my forever family.  

I am very very happy to own the study machine because it will improve my English.

I cannot wait to meet you and my older and younger brother and my little sister.  I am so dreaming of be together with my forever family.  When that day  comes, my family will be full of love and happiness.

Now I am the class monitor in my classroom.  I can help my teacher to do some works for my classmates.  My study is excellent.  But I study harder.

Thanks again for the very nice gift for study from you.  I will use the study machine very well.

Apr 4, 2011

We are blessed!!



Starla said...

The letter gave me goose bumps. You are all blessed....

Tim said...

Happy tears for you.