Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well here we are with another month's worth of what's happening with our family.

January started off of course with a new year and it was just that, another new year.  It's not a very exciting day in our household, either we are getting too old and don't stay up or... okay that's it, I admit it, there's nothing else that would keep us from ringing in the new year.  :D

Now the following week, we did celebrate Miss Magoo's birthday.  She turned 6 this year.  It's so hard to believe she's 6 sometimes.  I can remember the day she was handed to us in China and it seems like yesterday when that happened.

So we celebrated with a family party with cake and a couple of gifts.

We also had a little birthday party (her first one) for her at McDonald's the following week with a couple of friends from school and with daughter's of dear friends of ours that have also adopted from China.

It was an exciting day, not only for Miss Magoo, but it started snowing which ended up snowing every day for a week after that.  We ended up with a total of about 14 or 15 inches!

This was Michael's first snow since being home and he loved it!  Not sure if it was because of the snow or all the snow days and getting to stay home from school.

Miss Magoo and Mister loved it too.  They all went out an played in it for a couple of hours ever day.

Snow Angels

Catching snowflakes

Happy kids with their snowman

Too cute for words

The snow finally melted and the kids went back to school and they were so sad to see it go.

January 23rd marked the first day of the Chinese New Year and this we got excited about!  Our church celebrates with a huge celebration, with food, crafts and even performances and a Lion Dance!

This is the year of the dragon and the kids made dragon puppets and got all dressed up in their best Chinese clothes and we all had a wonderful time at church!

We had a milestone this past month as well.  Miss Magoo lost her very first tooth!  It took 2 full months from when it started to become loose before it finally came out and with a little help from Mister, he accidentally kicked her and that did the trick, her tooth came out the next day.

To say she was excited is an understatement!  Okay Momma was excited too!  I ended up finding the cutest little Tooth Fairy pillow to put her tooth in so the Tooth Fairy could leave her some money.

The Tooth Fairy wanted to do just a little more than leave a dollar bill so the TF got a $1 coin with Sacajawea on it.  When she woke up the next morning and saw the coin, she thought that was the neatest thing ever!

When I explained who was on the coin she said, "that's the Princess on the movie, Night at the Museum"  Who knew she was paying attention.  Lol :D

So happy!!



Well Michael continues to do well and continues to fit right in with our family.  We went and had his gait evaluated and he will have to wear a brace on his left leg (only) to help him with his walking and hopefully it will also help to keep him from falling.

We will be going back to have it properly fitted and then he has to wear it during waking hours.  It will fit up underneath his pant leg so it won't be seen.

We have also had a kink in our journey called life and God continues to take care of us!  We are so blessed and THANKFUL for our blessings that He has given us!

If you should think of it, say a little prayer for us to do God's will for our family.

Thanks so much!

Blessings and hugs!

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