Monday, July 26, 2010

Miss C wants to help!

Miss C. (Michael's sister)  has been wanting to make bead jewelry for a while now, so I finally bought some beads the other day.  

When we sat down today for her to make a bracelet and necklace, she told me she wanted to make some more and sell them to help bring Michael home.  See above for her creations.

Oh our sweet sweet girl and her big heart!  :)

So for every $2 donation, you will receive a one of a kind bracelet or necklace creation by Miss C., age 4.  See Blue Chipin on right hand side bar.

Just leave a comment or email us at and indicate if you want a bracelet or necklace or maybe even both!  :)

Thank you so much for encouraging Miss C. and for your help to bring Michael home!

God Bless.


Mama Melissa said...

I pitched in $4.00 ... via paypal, please have her make my daughter a toddler sized bracelet and necklace to match ... she's 4 years old (almost!)


*Overflowing* said...

Miss C:
I'd like to order 4 toddler bracelets and 2 little girls size bracelets (little bit bigger than toddler).

These will be for my 3 girls...they get 2 each :)

Thank you so much!!