Monday, September 13, 2010


***The auction is now closed***

To Bid:
Please leave a comment with the item number, description if needed, amount of bid and your email address where I can reach you.  If you're not comfortable leaving your email in the comment section please email me at and I'll be happy to enter your bid for you.  I will update the blog with the highest bid as they come in.
Also, at the bottom of the comment box be sure to check email follow up comments so you can find out if someone places a higher bid on the item you want.

Please remember that winners will pay shipping costs on the item or items and will be determined at the end of the auction and the winner's preference and zip code. 

Winning bidders may make payment through Pay Pal or by mailing a check.  Items will be mailed out once payment is received.  We ask kindly that payment be made within 3 days once the auction has closed.

The auction will end on Sunday October 3rd at Midnight Pacific time.

To view details of items, click on the photograph to enlarge. 

NEW ITEM just donated:

Highest Bid:  $10

#NI2.  A beautiful Chinese painting donated by Mr. and Mrs. D.  Size 16 x 12.  Value $45

$15 gift certificate from Mary Beth at Precious Baby Doll Company. 
This certificate is good until Sept 30th so the bidding will end (for this item only) on Wednesday Sept  29th.  Click here to see her dolls and accessories.

First up... 

Highest Bid:  $60

#1.  Portrait Innovations has graciously donated a

       - $100 gift certificate to any of their studios nation wide.
       - Includes your selection of 6 different poses, 18 custom sheets and 2-10x13 wall portraits as well as a CD with all of your images
Click here to see where they are located.

Highest Bid - $6

#2.  Because We Are Led tote in your choice of colors

- Navy Blue/Natural
- Red/Natural
- Forest Green/Natural
- Black/Natural
- Light Pink/Natural
Value $25

Highest Bid:  $15

#3.  Ling and Ting Not Exactly the Same! 

Grace Lin's new book with autographed book plate

Value $14.99

Highest Bid - $15

#4.  Brand New!  Reversible satin blanket purchased in Guangzhou, China
     - Pink with butterflies on one side
     - Green with dragonflies on the other side
    -  Size 38 x 38

Value - $20

Highest Bid - $6

#5.  Adoption today has donated a 
        - 1 year subscription to their magazine

1. Highest Bid  -  $15
2.  Highest Bid -  $15 
3.  Highest Bid - $10 
4.  Highest Bid -  $15

#6.  Remarkable Walls donated 4 of these! 
       - Blessed by the miracle of ADOPTION car vinyls

         We have one and love it!

Highest Bid:  $10

#7.  Thermal Lunch Tote by Thirty-One.  My friend Trisha is a consultant for Thirty-One and they have awesome stuff!  Go here to check it out.  

Value $12.50

A.  Highest Bid - $3

#8.  Reusable Snack Bags donated to us by Mama Luvs
     A. Diaper/Wipes Case - Brown with butterflies. $13
     B. Large Snack Bag - Green polka dots  $9
     C. Small Snack Bag - Flowered $8

These are all BPA-Free with a water-resistant liner.  They are handmade and hand washable and washer/dryer safe.

Highest Bid:  $21

#9.  $25 gift card to Target

#10.  Crochet blanket donated by our friend Cheryl of CBJ Creations.
       - multi-color green with cream and black
       - Size 35 x 35

#11.  Handmade Glycerin Massage soaps also from Cheryl at CBJ Creations.
  - Natural pure vegetable glycerin soap with one third humectants moisturizers
  - Some are enriched with Coconut Oil and some are enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E

Highest Bid:  $10

#12.  Hanging Crochet Towels also made by Cheryl of CBJ Creations.


#13.  4 piece - Decorative Crochet Hanging Towel Set

        - Includes 2 dish towels, pot holder and oven mitt



Angela said...

item #6 vinyl car decal $5.oo bid good luck! angie

Angela said...

item #6 vinyl car decal $5.oo bid good luck! angie

Doorless said...

Would like to bid 15.00 on the adoption sticker.

Anonymous said...

#1 Portrait innovations gift card

Angela said...

#1 portrait innovations gift card

LedaP said...

I'll do $15 on the Ling and Ting and $20 on the Target gift card. Leda :)

stfisher said...

I'd like to bid $10.00 for the adoption sticker (#6)and $5.00 for the lunch tote (#7).


One Happy Momma said...

To stfisher:

I received your bids and they been added.


Blessings -


Diana Bramble said...

Hi Cathy-
I want to bid $60 for the portrait innovations gift card. HOpe you make a bundle!
Many blessings,

One Happy Momma said...

To stfisher:

I just noticed I don't have your email address.

Could you please send it to me?

Thanks so much!

JShannon said...

I will bid $15.00 on #6 the Remarkable Wall vinyl.

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

#2 Tote $6
#4 Blanket $5
#5 Magazine $6
#8 Snack Bags $3
#9 Target $21

Gretchen & Craig said...

#4. Brand New! Reversible satin blanket purchased in Guangzhou, China


stfisher said...


Here's my email:


God's Grace said...

Blanket #4 $15

NI#2 10

love you sister :)