Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess what we got yesterday!!?

An email with answers to our questions about Michael!!  Okay can you tell we are excited or what!?

1.  What kind of things do you like?  Answer:  Play games
2.  Do you like sports?  What kind?   Answer:  Run
3.  Do you have any favorite foods?  Answer:  Potato
4.  What are your favorite colors?  Answer:  SkyBlue
5.  Do you know any English?  Answer:  Will not
6.  What grade are you in at school?  What is your favorite subject?  Answer:  4th grade, Math

Also, we have a NEW item for our auction!  Just scroll down to the next posting that says Auction, to see what it is!


1 comment:

Anita said...

YAY Cat! I'm so glad to hear you have had an update on Michael! Every little piece of him just makes him feel that much closer, huh? :)