Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 years ago...

Today is a very special day in our house. 

Five years ago today, in Kunming, China, we were handed the most precious 16 month old baby girl!

She wasn't too sure, as she was crying, about what was going on, being handed over to perfect strangers, but we held her and hugged her and loved her without stopping and we were in love!

In the Civil Affairs Office, while we were getting to know our girl, our daughter, we were asked over and over and over, "Do you want her?"  "Yes!"  "Do you want her?" "Yes!"  "Do you want her?"  "YES, we want her!!"  How could we not? 

It has been amazing to watch how she has changed over the last five years.  From scootin' around on her bottom to walking.  From saying only a few words, to talking up a storm.  From crying every time we turned into the church parking lot to accepting Jesus, being baptized, and fiercely loving God like nobody's business!  And yet she will let you know about Jesus if you give her a minute.

We are still amazed by our beautiful little girl and we truly thank God every day for her!  We have been blessed beyond words! 

So not only will we will be celebrating her day today with cupcakes and a little gift as we do each year.  She will get to share with her friends in class at school as well.  She is very excited to say the least.  :D

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Magoo!!!!

We love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, more and more each day!!

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Chris said...

SOOOO sweet, and I love that she loves Jesus-at such a young, precious age-
Thrilled beyone words for your family!!