Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer days

Gosh, it's been awhile (again) since I have posted and before you know it, summer has come and almost gone.

We have had a wonderful summer with some hot days mixed in with our typical WA weather.

We've had some celebrations this summer as well.  Like celebrating in June, 1 year home with Michael!

Seriously, it's been a year already!?  Where did the time go?  It just seems like yesterday that Miss Magoo and I were in China.

Michael has really come along since he first came home and continues to strive with his language.  Yay!  It's a far cry from when he was first home saying, "I'm not going to learn English" to trying more and more using his English words.

Michael also played soccer this summer as well and he loves it!  He just seems so comfortable playing and it gets him to interact with other kids his age.  We'll be signing him up this fall as well.

We had another celebration this summer with Miss Magoo graduating Kindergarten!  We can't believe she's old enough to be going to school, let alone finishing up Kindergarten and starting 1st grade in September.  

Her class held a little graduation ceremony and she received a certificate and ate cupcakes to celebrate her accomplishment!

The graduate!

With her teacher Mrs. H.

We took a day trip to Fort Casey State Park and looked around the old fort that was built for the war in case it ever came to the shores of WA.  

This is the same place they filmed parts of the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman.  After exploring, the kids flew the kite and plane.  We had lunch and just had a wonderful family day, even though it was a gray drizzly day!

The ferry ride over

Admiralty Lighthouse

Standing on the fort wall

The big guns!

Plane flying

Kite flying

In July we celebrated one more Gotcha Day!  This time it was for Mister.  He's been home 3 years now!  He picked Spiderman as his theme for this year and we all enjoyed celebrating our little man!  

One other thing we got for him was one of those Magic Slushy's you see advertised on tv.  Nope, I didn't pay what they want on tv and instead found them in the store and on sale!  I will say they have been a big hit with all 3 of the kids!  Also, you get a nice little arm workout as well when shaking them.  Lol :D

Both littles got to go to VBS at church this year, it was their first time.  I also volunteered and was part of the snack team for the kids.  What a blast they had and I know I had fun too!  

We have over 500 kids over 4 days!  I just love seeing God working in the all the little ones lives.  This years theme was Pure Gold!  The Mr J Band was there all decked out in their western wear and singing songs and getting the kids excited about Jesus!  Our two loved him so much, they are still talking about it and listening to The Mr J Band music whenever they can.

The Sunday during VBS, our church had our summer celebration and he kids got to pan for gold and turn it in for some gold (chocolate) coins.  Gosh they had fun!

Well that's pretty much what we have been doing this summer oh except for one more thing that has been a life saver when the weather has been hot.  

To say we spend hours in the backyard is an understatement and they just have so much darn fun!



Chillin' and stayin' cool!

Oh and we did have a pretty big birthday as well this year (for me) I turned 50!  

Honestly, I don't didn't feel old until I was sick and laid up in bed with pneumonia.  So no pics of the big day.  It truly was low keyed, but my family showered me with gifts and cards and the most scrumdiddlyumptious cupcakes ever!

So hard to believe that school will be starting in a week, time to get Miss Magoo and Michael ready for school.

Hope you've all enjoyed your summer!

God Bless!


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