Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can you help!?

UPDATE:  We have added a new family that is fundraising for their 13 yr old son Colin!  They are also waiting for their Travel Approval and it may be coming in the next 4 weeks!  Please check out their blog.  I will be donating just as soon as I'm done with this post. 

Please see below and I've added their button on the sidebar as well.


This post may hit a nerve for some, but hopefully will inspire others, to give or at the very least see how it can be done.

We know there are different thoughts opinions about fundraising to help fund adoptions.  We are ones that  believe that fundraising is necessary to bring home an orphan, a child, to their forever family!

This is how we do it and NEVER feel that we don't have enough money or if things weren't already tight, or every other reason excuse not to donate.

While it's nice, okay great, to be able to give $25, $50 or even $100 to help a family.  We think of more along the lines of $5 or $10. It may not be much, but it adds up and quickly.  If more people would give just that small amount, families will have raised their amount in no time!

Here's another way we look at it.  Isn't a couple cups of Starbucks coffee, (or whatever else $5 or $10 is spent on) worth giving up (say once or twice a month) so that same money can go towards a family to help bring a child home!?  A Child!  Not a tv, not some electronic gadget, not even a car, but a child!  I say YES it is!  In the grand scheme of things, you know, the big picture, that $5 or $10 is nothing in the long run!  Also, it just brings us so much joy knowing that we were able to help, even in some small way.

We will say that once we started thinking believing that we can find this small amount and we quit thinking, we don't have it, we can't afford it, whatever the reason is why we can't, and believe that we can, we have found it and we want to give more and more often. 

Sorry if this sounds like we're preaching, but this is serious stuff and adoption is our passion!  It all comes back to following God's lead to care for the orphans and widows.  God says we must, not should, but must do it!

All's we ask is, if you truly feel that you can't donate, then pray about it, ask for God's help how you can and listen for His answer.  If it is not to donate, even a small amount, then please pray for the families that are fundraising so they can raise all the funds needed.  

So with all that said, we  we want to bring attention to a few families families that are still needing to raise funds to bring their beautiful children home!  If you are reading this and you are fundraising for your adoption, please let us know and we will be happy to include you on our blog!  We will post about it and if you have a grab button, we will put it on our sidebar so folks can click and go to your blogs.  So please, please let us know, so we can get the word out about your adoptions!  Thanks!

Also, be sure to check out the Helping Families tab above, as we will be adding the families below and others there as well.


First up is Karen and her family and trying to bring Max home!

Here is their blogFrom Louisiana to China with Love (just click on the blog name to take you there) they are waiting for travel approval.  She is also selling the Blessed By Adoption car vinyls and every little bit helps! 

I too am selling the car vinyls, left over from our fundraiser, until I run out.  See the sidebar to make a donation.  If you buy one from me I will donate your purchase to Karen for her adoptions!  So please go and check out their blog and bless them in any way you can.  Thanks!


Next up is Anita and her family.  They are adopting Faith!  Faith is from Tianjin, same orphanage as our Michael!

Here is their blog.  Adoption, miles of the heart (just click on the blog name to take you there)
If you can spare even a few dollars to help bring Faith home, it will be greatly appreciated! 


Next is Sharon and her family.  They are adopting John Wesley!  Sharon is a new friend and the designer of our blog makeover!!

Here is their blog.  Our Family Our Story (just click on the blog name to take you there)
They have a number of things they are doing to fund raise to bring John Wesley home!  

Such as selling Ugandan Bead Necklaces and Goat Milk Soap (the best soap on earth!)

So please stop by their blog and see what you can do to help!


Next is Angie and her family adopting their 13 yr old boy, Colin!

Here is their blog:  Ryland's Family (just click on the blog name to take you there)

$10 that's it!  Also, a Thrity-One fundraiser and Scentsy fundraiser.

Let's help bring this older boy home to his forever family!!


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