Sunday, July 10, 2011

A very full weekend!

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What a weekend!

We have never been so busy in our lives, okay at least not for a long time.  :D

It started on Friday afternoon, I decided at the last minute to go pick up Papa from work (he works in Downtown Seattle) and it was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, so instead going straight home, we decided to go to the park and let the kids play.

We hung out at the park and then went to dinner and then onto church for a family movie night.

They were keeping with the theme from VBS this year, Junkyard Dogs and showed 101 Dalmatians (animation) and Beethoven.

We brought our camping chairs and had free popcorn.  What a great way to spend time as a family, watching kid friendly movies and watching them at church!

We didn't get but about 15-20 minutes into the 2nd movie and Miss Magoo was ready to call it a night.

Now that we've done it, we'll know for the next time, to bring blankets and pillows and have the little put on jammy's.  Then if they fall asleep we can pack them into the van and go home and tuck them into bed without waking them up and trying to get them changed.

So every summer Seattle celebrates Seafair from July through August and it's celebrated in different communities around Seattle for different events, usually centered around marine events.  After all Seattle claims to the boating capital of the world.  I have to say my most favorite event is when the U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly overhead and over the buildings in downtown Seattle.  They actually close down the I-90 floating bridge over Lake Washington. It is a sight to see and hear!  It is truly awesome to watch!

So on Saturday we went this year for the first time to watch the Seafair Pirates land on Alki Beach.  Oh my goodness, it is CRAZY how many people show up!  I will say, we won't do it again.  :D  Nothing to write home to mom about.  But we had a great day at the beach and the weather was phenomenal!!

Michael let me know this was the first time he has been to the beach!  Aww, a new first, love it!  We also met up with Jacob and his mom and her boyfriend and his 3 daughter's visiting for the summer.  That's who all the kids are in the one picture in the slideshow.

After being there all morning and most of the afternoon, we called it a day and came home and Papa made homemade chocolate ice cream!  Actually having some now as I'm typing this up.  :D

So here it is Sunday and we let Michael know that we were going to church and asked him if he wanted to go be with the kids his age or stay with Momma and Papa and go to church with us.  Without any hesitation he said he wanted to go be with the kids his age.

When we got to church, we went downstairs to find someone who could help us and help Michael out and explained the particulars.  We were introduced to a very nice young man (quite honestly we thought he was a high school student) he was more than happy to help Michael and made sure he felt welcomed and invited.  Come to find out he is the new Jr. High Youth Pastor!

So Michael took off and that was that!  After church I went to pick him up and wanted to see how he did and one of the Jr. High boys introduced himself to me and said that he was the one that hung out with Michael and said he did great!  Asked if he could come to church on Wednesday nights too.

I asked Michael if he had a good time and with a big smile on his face said, "yes."

Tonight I gave him 101 Favorite Stories of the Bible in Chinese and in English.  Again I was met with another great big smile on his face and "thank you!"  I am definitely one happy momma!

Michael is very outgoing and so willing and open to all the new things that he faces.  What a blessing he is!  I've said it once, I'll say it again, I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!

Enjoy the slideshow and sorry this post is so long.  I told you we had a full weekend!

Blessings and hugs to you all!


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McNew Family said...

Glad to see that you are all home safe and sound. Looks like M is doing awesome! We just heard today that we are LID, so now the LSC wait. Somehow it doesn't make it any easier the 3rd time around!