Monday, July 4, 2011


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Well I'm a little behind again with posting.

Let's see...

We got home Friday June 24th and things were going well until Sunday the 26th.

Mister developed a fever during lunch, we got home and he took a nap after we gave him some Children's Tylenol.  He didn't want to eat anything for dinner, he still had a fever and  sat him on the couch with a cold wash cloth on his head.  He kept taking it off and wouldn't leave it on.

Next thing he said he didn't feel good, I picked him up and next thing I know he had a seizure!

I start screaming out, "call 911!"  So my hubby called and I got him to the bath tub to get the cold water on him, in the meantime he went unconscious.  I found out later from my hubby that he also turned blue.  Yes, we were scared!  Hubby was talking to the 911 operator and losing it and I was losing it with trying to get Mister taken care of so we switched roles and I was able to calm down and he was able to get Mister to start breathing again!

In the meantime, I hung up with 911 and started praying and so was Miss Magoo.  She told me later that our sweet boy was trying to pray also!

The EMT's came and we took Mister to the ER.  They ran a bunch of tests, gave him fluids and antibiotics and couldn't find out why he had a fever to begin with. 

The EMT's told us we did the right thing and acted as fast as we did by getting him in the tub with the cold water.  Good to know we did something right.  I just felt so bad for my little boy!

They let us know that he had a febrile seizure.  While yes they may be somewhat common for children to get when their fevers spike, it was the first time we have ever experienced it and something we never want to experience again!

While at the ER, I tried to explain as best I could about what happened and Michael shook his head yes and went with the flow. 

So we got home from the ER at 1 in the morning and still on China time and scared about Mister, I was up until about 7am, checking on him. 

On Monday we took him to the Pediatrician and she looked at his throat and noticed it looked a little red, She took a culture and it turns out he had strep throat and that's the reason why he had a fever. So she gave us antibiotics and little by little his fever broke and Mister was back to himself within a day or so.

We are thanking and praising God for taking care of our boy! 

After all of that, we continued to celebrate our boy coming home and things have been going well since.  He is very outgoing and eats everything we put in front of him.  Good thing, he needs some meat on them bones.  :D

On Friday we went to Seattle to pick up Papa from work and he actually got sick when we got there.  Not sure why.  Maybe everything finally caught up with him after being home for a week.  Bless his heart.

He has a new best friend, Bucky, our cat.  Bucky loves him and won't leave him alone.  He does great with our 4 dogs as well.  We had the 3 cameras worth of photos developed and come to find out he had a dog with his Foster Family.  All the photos were of him and none of his Foster Family or anyone else.

He also brought a photo of all his foster brothers and sisters, 5 in all.  I have been able to locate 2 so far!  We know the names of 2 more, and put a request out on the groups I'm on to see if anyone knew them or knows the families that adopted them, nothing yet.

We went to church yesterday for the first time since being home and it was our summer celebration and so instead of a regular service they had the crew get up and perform some of the songs they did for VBS.  Junkyard Dogs was the theme this year.  I volunteered, but with all the happened with Mister we couldn't make it.

They called all the kids to come up and sit around the stairs of the stage and Michael went along and as soon as they started the first song, Michael was up on his feet, clapping along and had the BIGGEST smile on his face!

It was so cool to see him so excited about it all!  Even neater that it was all about Jesus!  Afterwards we had lunch, with BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy.  There was face painting (which Michael didn't want to do) and a craft for the kids to make.  The biggest hit was the HUGE bouncy house type thing, that all the kids loved going on.  As you can see by the pictures.  :D

So here we are on 4th of July and plans are to go to some friends later and have a BBQ and set off some fireworks.

We hope all of you are having a fun day celebrating our country's birthday (#235 to be exact) and staying safe!

God Bless!


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LedaP said...

glad your little boy is okay!! How scary for you guys! xoxo Leda