Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 14 - Last Day

Today is our last full day in Guangzhou.

This is always the longest day on the trip for me.  Waiting around until 4:00 to get the Visa for Michael and the "brown envelope" that we dare do not open!  In all seriousness, it's for his immigration when we go through customs once we land in the US.  

Today has brought a down pour (more than once) of rain and wind.  

We happen to have to go out in it when we walked to Lucy's for lunch one last time.  We got to see and have lunch with our new friend and her children.

We just made it back to our hotel with minutes to spare before our facilitator was here bringing our stuff for Michael.

The photos are random from over the week while we were here in GZ, ending with the famous red couch photos.

I have found out that the White Swan will be closed for renovations starting in September.  I also found out that they are moving the Medical Clinic off the island and to downtown GZ and the Consulate will move right next to it, to keep it all together.  Not sure when that will happen though.

Well it is always bittersweet the last day in China.  Sad on one hand, as once again I have to say good-bye to China, I really do love it here!  But happy to be going home to my hubby, Mister and Jacob and for Michael to start his new life with his forever family!

God has brought us every step of the way and has shown us what faith is all about!  We are thanking God for our wonderful son that has become a part of our family!

We are so BLESSED!

Zaijian from China!



Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH HOW I remember the last day and the sadness at leaving but the EXCITEMENT of going home!! Yippee! So happy for you to be at this point in your journey!!!!!
Praying you home!

Alyson and Ford said...

Welcome Home! Congrats!
(I am also a new FB friend of yours!)

Alyzabeth's Mommy