Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 13 - CA

We had an early morning today. An 8:30 appointment at the Consulate.

It's done a little different now.  Your facilitator no longer goes up with you to turn in the paperwork, it's done ahead of time and then the families go up alone, take the oath and wait for their names to be called and give everything through the window.  They check over the paperwork to be sure it's all there and done correctly and then you are finished!

Still not allowed to take in cameras, so no pictures to share.  But I have to say it was so neat to hear Michael say to the lady at the consulate, "hi, good morning, how are you?" in perfect English.  :D

We then came back to the hotel and got snacks at Jennifer's place for later in the day.  Boy I'll tell you it's dangerous being right next door to Jennifer's place.  :D

So just a short update and then one more day while we wait for Michael's Visa and the big brown packet.  :D

Until tomorrow.

Be sure to scroll down and see the post from when the kids went swimming.


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