Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2 - Sat, 6/11

Well we went for breakfast downstairs in the hotel and it was yummy!  Then we came back to the room, hung out and then ventured out for some lunch and ended up at McD's, Miss Magoo's favorite.

I explained to MM that people will stare and it's okay, they're not being rude, just curious, since she is Chinese and I'm not.  :D  Miss Magoo's comment was, "you're not Chinese?"  Boy did we laugh.  :D

The time difference has us all messed up.  Going to sleep in the afternoon and waking up at midnight. I'm sure it will change once we're here for a bit.

We leave for Tianjin in the morning on the high speed train.  Can't wait!  And then we'll have Michael on Monday the 13th!

So the next time I post, it should be with pictures of Michael and gotcha day!


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