Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 9 - Medical Appt.

Today was Michael's medical appointment.

The doctor's checked him out and he is well!

He has perfect vision, not mentally delayed (which might have been a possibility because of his CP) in any way and even his feet and legs work without problems.  They were a bit confused about why Michael walks the way he does since his legs and feet bend like they are supposed to.

So once we are home we will have that all checked out and see if we can't find an answer or at the very least start him on physical therapy and see if it will help him.

Otherwise, he checked out great!  He only needed two immunizations and a TB test and we were done.

We came back to the hotel to rest and to be sure that he didn't run a fever from the shots, which he didn't.

We then went to dinner and walked around the island a little bit and called it a night.


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