Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 3

We were up and ready to take the bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin this morning and all I can say is boy am I glad did we have a guide.

It made sense once I looked around and could figure it out by the signs, but I just love the whole organized chaos thing.  Lol.  :D

But thankful for Ray!  He is a great guy!  Miss Magoo is quite taken with him.  When we got to Tianjin, she asked if he could have lunch with us.  "I like him" she says.  That's high praise coming from MM.  She's quite shy with people in general, but warmed right up right away to Ray.

So we took the bullet train and loved it!  I truly do love to travel by train.  And to go over 200MPH is the best!

That's right, the highest speed we reached was 202 MPH!!  We made the 2 hour trip by car in 30 minutes!  Can't wait to take it again, when we go to the acrobat show later this week.

Well we are checked into the hotel and our room is NICE!  I've posted some pictures as well.

The count down has begun!  We leave at 8:30 am tomorrow morning for Michael!!

So bear with me tomorrow if I don't get a post or get pics up right away.  After we get back to the hotel, I'll be Skyping with Papa and mister!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the train and the ride from the station to the hotel.

Until tomorrow!



LedaP said...

Yay!! Can't wait to see the pics!!

Blessed mom said...

So happy you are there Cathy!!! The pictures were awesome. MM is soooo cute!! Can't wait to see Michael.

Marjorie said...

James loved the chaos of the train station too. I'm not sure I can do it though. I'm so afraid of getting motion sick on the train. We will probably end of taking an airplane from Beijing to Taiyuan.

God's Grace said...

I liked the train too! and your right about the organized chaos...I felt the same about having Leo with us. He was so helpful and personable. Much better than the other guides I had in the past! Kudo's to Donna on that one! But a bit pricey....