Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 6

Today was a free day, and we didn't do much.

We walked to the Carrefour and found some DVD's, Toy Story 3 and Beauty and the Beast.  It should be fun, they're in Chinese.  We also got some snacks for later.

It was HOT today, 90!  Too hot for my liking, but at least there was a breeze, which really helped.

Did you know there is a universal telephone number to Pizza Hut and McD's?  You can call the number and order anywhere in the world and they will deliver to your hotel room.  Cool!

We had lunch and then MM and I took a nap.  We're slowly getting on time here.

I've uploaded some photos that the kids took with their cameras as well as one of a ladybug that was on the inside of our window, all the way up on the 10th floor.  Not sure how it got in our room.  But neat none-the-less.

The video is of the firecrackers being set off for a wedding that was being held here at the hotel.  It was so loud!

Tonight, MM received the cutest panda from our guide.  He said he saw it and thought of her and got it for her.  How sweet is that!  :D  She loves it!

So we will be going out tomorrow and will try to take some pictures.
Hope you enjoy these!


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