Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 10 - Safari Park

Today we went to the Safari Park and we all enjoyed it! It was very impressive to say the least!

We took what they call a Safari on Wheels and saw all sorts of animals and the sky opened up and we had a down pour during the tram ride, good thing we were covered.  :D

Afterwards, we walked around and got to see some amazing Tigers and of course the Panda's!!  You'll see in the pictures just how hot it was.  Check out poor MM hair.  :D

They have 12 Panda's in all.  Four to begin with and they acquired 6 more when the Panda Center in the Sichuan province was damaged in the earthquake and they bought two more last year for the Asia games.

Michael's favorite were the Tigers, Miss Magoo's were the Elephants and White Tigers and Momma's were the Panda's and the Tigers.

I saved the pics and videos of the Panda's until the end of the slide show.  It'll be worth watching to the end I promise!  :D

We made it back to our hotel around 3:00 and went to dinner at Lucy's.  We ended up meeting a gal traveling on her own with her 2 kids, ages 10 and 7, and they adopted a 14 mos old.  We hung out afterwards at the park.  The kids played so hard with each other and had a great time! I had a great time talking with another adult and making a new friend. 

Michael continues to make strides and an effort with his English.  He understands quite a bit and doesn't when (I don't think) he wants to.  You know selective understanding.  Lol.  :D  I think he even talked back to me once, in Chinese of course, after I told him no to what he was doing.  :D

But all in all we are having a great time!  And he and Miss Magoo are thick as thieves.

I couldn't be happier with the way our trip is going!


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God's Grace said...

I loved the safari park! if and when I ever get to Guangzhou again, I want to go back :) and I think feeding the garaffes was my favorit thing! Good to hear how well it's going Cathy.