Saturday, July 23, 2011

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I put this together a couple of years ago, so we could show it to our guests at our spaghetti dinner fundraiser we had for Mister.

It has been on my mind recently and so I'm posting it here to share with others why adoption is so much a part of my life, me, my soul.

All the children, except for the first few, are children of friends of ours and friends that I have made online throughout the adoption community.

Some say the number of orphans, 143 million, now 147 million, is not accurate because that number includes children who are also considered orphans because they have lost one parent and being raised by either the surviving parent or a relative.

So even if we were to take out the number of children considered to be orphaned this way, it still leaves a whole LOT of orphans in this world!!  Children who don't have families, who don't have parents, who don't have anyone to love them and adopt them as their own!

I can honestly say that if it's not a 143 million or 147 million or whatever Million it is, there are too many orphans in this world, period!!

So to know that the few that are in this video means there are a few less orphans, because the parents of these children, adopted them into their family, makes me happy beyond belief!  

I think about how I would feel if God didn't love me enough to send Jesus to die for our sins and therefore adopting me into his family.  Where would that leave me?  I shutter to think.

I will end with this question...Doesn't a child here on earth deserve the same?  Someone to love them just as God loves us.

In love He destined us for adoption to Himself...Ephesians 1:5


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