Monday, July 25, 2011

One month ago!

We were coming home from China with Michael!

I won't share our lovely family photo, once we were all together, since there was throw-up stains all over my shirt.  Poor Miss Magoo.

But it was a great homecoming none-the-less, as not only were Papa and Mr. J were there to meet us but so was our friend and their 4, all adopted from China, with balloon's, welcome home signs and waving American flags!

So we have had a good great month so far!  Michael is very outgoing.  He likes to take a minute and see what's happening and then jump in with both feet.  He's not afraid to try anything, even if it's only once.  

He's not a picky eater either.  So far only one thing he doesn't like and that's cheese.  He usually has seconds of pretty much everything and 3rds if there is anything left and he really really likes it!

In the month since Michael has been home, he has given me a hand picked flower.  Once from our backyard and once this past weekend when we were at the river.  But with it came "I love you"!  Oh my goodness was I One Happy Momma!!!

Michael absolutely LOVES church!  Again, jumped right in with both feet.  They had a lake night a week ago for both the Jr. High and Sr. High kids.  We had Mr. J. (my step-son) that weekend as well, so we dropped both of them off for a few hours of fun with the other kids from church.

At first, Michael stayed with Mr. J. and they went swimming in the lake.  Okay that lasted all of about 5 maybe 10 minutes.  It was so cold!  Then, they had a BBQ and fun after that.  I asked Mr. J. how Michael did and he let me know the kids were playing soccer and Michael was off and that was the last he saw of him for the rest of the evening.  He loved it!

Not only does he like to play Soccer, he loves Origami and to draw.  Both of which he is good at!  
Our mini van

We also have given Michael two books, one in Chinese and the same one in English.  They are 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible.  You should have seen his face light up when I handed them to him.  He was so happy!

Michael's English is coming slowly and he understands more and more each day.  If we really need to explain something to him we use Google Translate.  Other wise, we just talk and he seems to get it.   He is trying to use his English more and more, but still seems a little shy about it.  It will come and it has helped that the two littles are here to talk to him, constantly, lol.  :D  When school starts, I think is when he'll really be using it.

Well, this past weekend the weather was gorgeous and so we decided to take a drive and have a picnic near the river.  It still amazes me, even after all these years, that we can drive about 45 minutes and be in the most beautiful mountain setting!  We are truly blessed to be living in such a awesome state!  To see God's creation is just, simply put, BEAUTIFUL!!

So Papa BBQ'd hot dogs and we had lunch and then played along side of the river and just had a great time as a family!

So that is how our month and summer has been going.  We are blessed once again with an amazing child and once again that has accepted us as his family!  

God is sooooo good!!!!!!


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Annie said...

Amazing Cathy!!! What a blessing your sweet son is!!!!